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I am a photographer (in case you were wondering, lol). I like being behind the lens. I like seeing people smile. I like watching people. I like making people laugh. I LOVE my job!
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More truth…

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

An awesome Charlotte based photographer, Hayley Juliet, recently posted this story on her blog.  If you haven’t read it, please do!  She lays it all out there about the ins and outs of what we do.  Everything.  It’s so worth the time to read it and I can assure you, your photographer will love you even more because you took the time to read a little about what we do!

I want to add to what Hayley had to say.  While she summed it all up very well – better than I could have, her post brought out a lot of thought and emotion.

First off, I love my job!  I really, REALLY do!  Sure, like any job, it has it’s days but my heart and soul live and breath photography.  My goal, my desire – is to capture your moments, your memories, your life … to give you something to hold on to, images to cherish, to treasure, to pass on to your future.  I live to watch you live.  Simple as that.

Not a moment goes by that I’m not thinking about something with my business.  Sometimes it’s taxes, bills, other expenses.  Those are the down times – aren’t they for everyone?

Other times, I think about the props I need, things to prepare me for the next awesome session, the phone calls and emails I need to return, what orders are filled and ones that still need to be finalized.

And then there’s editing, editing & a little more editing – okay, really a lot more.  It’s endless – especially from September through November.  Please don’t make special plans for me during those months – my life is a full schedule.  Now, if you want to take me out or send me on vacation from January to March, feel free – those months are a little less hectic!

Moving on, there’s new clients, new babies being born, rising seniors, moms with questions, brochures, advertising, design work.  And there’s programs, updates, backups, printing, ink, office supply store trips (sometimes in a mad dash 5 minutes before they close!).

And …

There’s friendships, love, snuggles, potty accidents, laundry, crying, spit up, clothing changes, toys, snacks, spills, blankets, baskets, boxes, pillows.

There’s whispers and lullabies, sweet kisses on the cheek, laughs and giggles, silly grins, running, chasing, pouting, sticking out tongues at siblings, kisses between mom and dad, the smell of baby, five little piggies, ponytails and pigtails, sippy cups and …

Did I mention friendships?  Yes, friendships.  You become part of my life.  You let me into part of your life.  That doesn’t happen without some kind of bond.  The relationship we share becomes more than just someone you met, you become my friend, a part of my life.  I think of you, wonder how you are, hope to keep up with you and your family and look forward to the next time we get to share some memories …

memories, no …


These are your memories and they are mine.  Every minute I am with you is a moment etched in my heart.  Every parent who trusts me enough to let me be one of the first to snuggle on their sweet little bundle of joy has simply placed a permanent engraving on my heart.  To know that you would share the most wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful!) parts of your life, with me, humbles me.

Every memory…

Every little whimper

Every peek-a-boo

Every crooked smile

Every handsome dimple

Every wrinkle nose

Every dirty face

Every misplaced hair

Every awkward pose

Every shy teenager

Every first kiss

Every moment of your session with me is a part of my life, just as it is yours.  That’s why, as a photographer, I want to do my absolute best to give you the most joyful, precious memories that I can.  Sometimes you might have a bad day.  Sometimes I might have a bad day.  In the end, I strive to make every client happy.  I want you to be so proud of your images that they follow you, generation to generation.

You deserve quality, commitment, perfection.

While I want to give you the best, I admit, I am human.  I often fall short – in many areas of my life – but that doesn’t mean I’m not working hard!  One area that constantly has to sacrifice is my family.  I often put your family before my own.  I have moments when I am browsing through a session, reminiscing over the sweet smiles and silly giggles, that I regret those moments are not with my own family.

Now, not to end this on a downer – I added that to let you know just how important you and your family are to mine.  Not only does my family miss out on a little time with me while I am with you, but every minute I am away from them is a memory with them I lose.  I know in my heart that I need to spend time with others and that we are doing just fine in those times when I am away or even when I am working here at home with behind the scenes stuff.

What I want to stress is that I will always, ALWAYS give 100%.  While photography/art is ingrained in my soul, it doesn’t hurt that it helps pay the bills.

And that brings me to the point where I add to what the awesome Hayley Juliet said on her blog …

We put a lot into our work.  We dedicate a lot of time to our business and our clients.  Please keep that in mind when you are choosing a photographer.  We aren’t charging you outrageous prices even though it may seem so compared to the newest fly by night *faux*tographer.  We aren’t making a killing.  Most of us are barely getting by but we are doing what we love.  Many of us give up cushy incomes and time with our own families because we love to see you smile.

Just know that in the heart of a photographer is genuine love for people and the moments in their lives that make perfect memories!


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